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Mailing Lists & Email Notifications

Opt-In Email Lists

Our Opt-In email lists provide useful product information, news, product updates, special offers and various marketing related communication. We value your privacy and will only send these notifications if you have opted in to receive them directly via the mailing list signup forms or by ticking the opt-in boxes when creating a MediaMarkup account.

Getting Started
Signup to receive emails to get up and running with MediaMarkup.
You will only receive 5 emails with quick tips to get started with the core features.

(This is opt-in only, you can unsubscribe at any time)

Marketing Newsletter
Signup to receive news, updates, blog post notifications and special offers

(This is opt-in only, you can unsubscribe at any time)

Additional/Future Help Guides
Signup to receive additional additional help guides, tutorials, tips and tricks to help with new features.

(This is opt-in only, you can unsubscribe at any time)

Transactional Emails

MediaMarkup is productivity tool, where part of the application workflows include email notifications.
These emails are integral and part of the application functionality and workflows. By creating or accepting an invitation for a user account, receiving these types of emails is accepted as part of the application as per the terms of service. These emails are called transactional emails and although there are options within the features of the application to manage notifications, it is not possible to opt-out of all these emails.

Account owners will also get additional emails relating to their accounts, these are from our "Software Updates" mailing list, The content of these relate to managing accounts with regards to security, planned maintenance and other relevant system related notifications. These emails included  as part of the account/transaction emails for an account and do not contain marketing information. Since these are non functional it is possible to opt-out of these. 


There may also be critical information about accounts, payment, or security that need to be communicated, in these cases, account owners may receive a emails to this effect en-masse or directly from MediaMarkup staff, these emails will not contain marketing information and will be relevant to maintaining accounts. It is not possible to opt out of these.

Software Updates
Signup to receive emails about critical software updates.

(these are important non scheduled emails and will be few and far between, you can opt-out at any time)

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